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All Quiet in Shark Infested Waters

from by Rockets and Dinosaurs

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I don't believe me
How could I get into you
I pray a thousand words
But nothing's ever gonna come true
I am a bottom feeder
I am a horrid fever
I am the sickest mother fucker
and I'll tear into you

It would be easier hating you
Stop all the perverted things
that I want to do
There's no turning back
I know it's true
I taste your lips as I follow through

I'm sorry baby
I'm as surprised as you
Believe me I hate myself as much as you do
I am a polar corps
I am a solar eclipse
I am the center of the universe not worthy of this
Not worthy of this

I am a sinking ship
Situation getting worse
We're gonna die down here
I am your fucking curse
I am your last call
Unquenchable thirst
I am every line and every verse

The cotton in my bones is burning up
The thumping organ in my chest ignites
Now I've had enough
I feel my rips explode
These are the wounds I've bestowed
This is the saddest person
I have made rust and corrode
Rust and corrode

It's just like watching children drown
I could step in stop the hurt instead their hands I have bound
I'm sweating gasoline
A fucking killing machine
I take a drink I run them down
And then I flee from the scene
Flee from the scene


from Gnarly Angry Love, released March 2, 2013
Jordan Potekal
Willand Moralda
Rory Redwood
Nigel Pohran

Engineered and Produced by Brad Taylor



all rights reserved


Rockets And Dinosaurs Calgary, Alberta

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